Contributing to TableOne

We welcome all contributions to the package!

Where to start?

Bug reports, bug fixes, documentation improvements, and other contributions are welcome. For reporting bugs or suggesting improvements, please use the GitHub issues tab.

Bug reports

Bug reports are core to ensuring the package remains useful for all users. A complete bug report greatly improves the ability of others to understand and fix it. For information on how to make a complete bug report, we recommend you review this helpful StackOverflow article.

Contributing improvements

Bug fixes or other enhancements are welcome via pull requests. You can read more about pull requests on GitHub’s website.

Contributing to the documentation

Rewriting small pieces of the documentation as you read through it is a surefire way of improving them for the next user.

About the documentation

The documentation is written in reStructuredText, and subsequently built using the Python package Sphinx. The Sphinx documentation provides a gentle introduction to reStructuredText.

The documentation follows the NumPy Docstring Standard, which are parsed using the napoleon extension for sphinx <>.

How to build the documentation


To build the documentation you will need to additionally install sphinx. Furthermore, you’ll also need to install the readthedocs theme. This is easily done using pip:

pip install sphinx sphinx_rtd_theme

Building the documentation

Navigate to the docs subfolder and run:

sphinx-build -b html . _build

Which will build the documentation in the subfolder _build. Alternatively, you can run the Makefile provided:

make html